These images are the final results of a photoshoot that is memorable for a couple of reasons. When the model and I agreed to take the pictures, I decided that this time, I will support the expressiveness of black & white photography by not only choosing a ravaged building as the venue, an idea that worked well for me previously, but also by using somewhat shrewd accessories that might spark ambivalent emotions. At that moment, I didn’t know how the scythe, a copy of the Bhagavad gita and the tucker I took with me will  offer the story. I like to let some spontaneity influence the photoshoot, as well as to allow the model’s character and creativeness play a role in the game. Not to mention that I might be too lazy to take meticulous preparations. An excellent cooperation between the model and me quickly took form. From the first moment, she added her creativity to mine. When she twined the tucker around her head, I already knew what the theme would be. That this series would convey thoughts about Destiny, an experiment to understand Karma, and the barriers that we put around us. Thoughts about free will and predestination, crawling towards deeper-higher levels of reality. About mental blindness, our plans and the obstructions we meet, about darkness and enlightenment. This series is important to me for another reason, too, since a couple of pictures here served a new visual experiment very well. But that’s another story.

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