A town, or a city, is a special place. It is a harbour, and it is a basis and centre of alienation, too. As an area where crowds live together, it is as much an opportunity as a tough test for interpersonal relationships. As a playground of technology and architecture, it is a symbol of renewal and modernization, but it also offers a landscape of obsolescence, destruction and desolation. It is a complex, ever-changing environment that always grabs my attention. Looking at the windows, especially at night when they are lit up, a thought usually comes to my mind: that behind those windows, thousands and thousands of lives flow and welter. On the one hand, it is a heartwarming thought. On the other hand, it is kind of sad, because it reminds me of my exiguity. The huge number of people I will never ever know. The enormous number of stories I won’t hear about. There is another interesting way to look at the urban environment. I love to observe its co-existence with Nature, as the urban and natural environments interact and cling together. As the time of day or the seasons can be seen in town, as natural and artificial light sources evoke peculiar mood and feelings. These thoughts lead me to create the collection you can see below. Enjoy!

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